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KATRIN FRANTZ is an Icelandic artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her artwork is a fusion of abstract form intertwined with natural elements, using oil and acrylic paints on canvas.

​Growing up in Iceland where the landscape is rugged, the weather is harsh but the community is peaceful and calm. A balance of chaos and serenity, it’s an energy that’s shaped Katrin and one she infuses within her paintings. 

As a practitioner of traditional art from a young age, she later studied multimedia design in Reykjavik, Iceland and continued her visual effects education, with a focus in compositing, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. With experience on countless Hollywood productions, she’s been able to fuse her paintings with her deep understanding of digital filmmaking. Throughout the years she’s developed a keen eye for textural detail and contextualising realism through the prism of her creative perspective.

Although far from home, Vancouver and Reykjavik share many similarities and are both cities surrounded by incredible rugged nature. Valleys of mountains, river tides and the fresh breeze of the ocean, Katrin takes great inspiration from her surroundings and creates abstract yet familiar environments within her paintings.

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